Jazz-Globus Bar Mitzvah

13th «Jazz Globus»

In the photo: guest of festival singer Rita Edmond The Jazz Globus Festival is one of the most important phenomena in Israeli musical life. This year's festival has come of age – it will be held for the thirteenth time! Only one Jazz festival in Israel, Red Sea Jazz Festival Eilat, is older than this one. The thirteenth Jazz Globus or Jazz-Globus Bar Mitzvah will take place in Jerusalem, in the “Harmony” Cultural Center, from the 23rd to 30th of November. Its program includes six concerts with 12 ensembles and a jam session. More than 50 musicians from Israel, the USA, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Argentina and Poland will participate in it. The jam session will take place at Birman Bistro-Club where participants will improvise along on well-known Jazz themes. Jazz-Globus Bar Mitzvah will be opened by its coevals – Swing-Orchestra of Ha-Sadna Conservatory. The young Jazz musicians will pass the baton to the African-American singer Rita Edmond and Robert Anchipolovsky ensemble. Appearing for the first time in Israel; a unique Ukrainian duet “Big Second”. The pianist Daniel Schwarzwald from Berlin and the drummer Nathan Blankett from New York are also the debutants of the festival, they will play together with leading Israeli musicians. One of the most famous guests of the festival is Europe's leading bass player Anton Gorbunov from Russia. Brilliant musicians who have recently arrived in Israel will perform together with well-known local and international artists. All of them have already gained popularity here, and found a worthy place on the cultural map of Israel. Amongst them are the Argentinean duo of the vocalist Timna Comedy and the guitarist Dario Acosta; the Ukrainian pop and television star of the recent past, and now – a bright jazz singer on the Israeli scene Irina Rosenfeld, one of the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sendersky, a brilliant performer on the bagpipes and folk wind instruments Vladimir Cherepovsky; classical musicians, winners of international competitions Irina Zheleznova, Dina Goifeld and Elena Odinzova; a brilliant trumpeter Gleb Zaida and others. The legendary Israeli jazz musicians Danny Gottfried, Albert Piamenta and Arele Kaminsky will take part in in the festival for the first time. Among the participants of the concerts are the leading jazz musicians of the country: Debora Benasuli, Benny Gertzen, Elad Gellert, Gilad Avro, Jake Pisaq, Yakov Muravin, Michael Agre and others. The ensemble of Mediterranean jazz “Elki-Palki” and a unique accordionist Boris Malkovsky will present their original program. In accordance with its tradition, the festival will be consummated by the Alliance ensemble of free improvisation led by the classic of the modern jazz Slava Ganelin. /ШThe festival is the result of a collaboration between the Absorption Authority of the Jerusalem Municipality and the Center for Absorption of Immigrant Artists and Returning Residents of the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption. Details: on our site and on a special page in Facebook. Tickets to the concerts of the festival are available at the online booking office «Bravo» and the box office of «Harmony» hall before concerts.

Boris Gammer quartet

Jazz Globus in Tel-Aviv
Concert in Yad le-Banim in Tel-Aviv, 17 October 2007

Our history

5th Jesrusalems…

Less than seven years as Slava Ganelin filed Jerusalem cultural center idea of the jazz festival and it was exactly 4 years since the festival first opened, or the "Jazz Globe - 2004". The name also came up with Ganelin, meaning not the geography of settlement participants (one did not suspect then that the festival will be international), but a variety of styles - the musical globe.

Participation in the festival

Applications for participation in the festival next deadline is August 1 at the following addresses and telephone numbers: Slava Ganelin - 052-2-216896
Vladimir Mak - 052-2-634444
Jazz Globus
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