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Winter week in Jerusalem

In the photo: guests of the festival trio PLINT (Argentina, Brazil, Cuba). From November 27 to December 1, a jazz and alternative music festival Jazz-Globus will be held in Jerusalem. In the four festival concerts will perform 20 musicians from Israel, USA, Russia, Cuba, Italy, Poland, Germany, Argentina and Brazil. By tradition, the festival opens with a performance by its music director - pianist, composer, one of the world's leading musicians in the field of contemporary jazz Slava Ganelin. This year, for the first time in the history of Jazz-Globus, he will perform in a unique ensemble - along with the Israeli poet Yasha Hein. Also on the first day of the festival will be a PLINT (Pablo Lapidusas International Trio) trio. It includes the famous Argentine pianist and composer Pablo Lapidusas. In 2014, he founded the trio, inviting virtuoso and experienced musicians - Cuban bass guitarist Leo Espinoza and Brazilian drummer Marcello Araujo. Each of the musicians is a multiple participant in prestigious jazz festivals. Trio PLINT brightly performed at the festival JAZZAHEAD in Germany in 2016, after which she conducted several successful tours in Brazil, South Korea, Portugal, South Africa, and India. In Israel, the trio will perform for the first time. For the first time, one of the prominent European musicians, a Polish pianist and composer, the head of the famous PalmJazz Festival Krzysztof Kobylyansky, comes to Israel. In his biography of performances with Mike Stern, Avishey Cohen, Branford Marsalis, on Jazz-Globus he will perform in a duet with the virtuoso bayanist Boris Malkovsky. The trio of Ehud Etune is headed by one of the best modern jazz double bass players, a participant of prestigious jazz festivals and the head of the summer jazz school in Mitzpe Ramon Internal Compass. In 2016, Ettuna’s solo at a concert in Moscow was recognized as one of the top ten in the world jazz. Daniel Schwarzwald is one of the leading pianists of the German jazz scene. Nathan Blanquette is a participant in Israeli and international jazz festivals. All members of the trio are graduates of the legendary Berkley jazz school. Svetlana Shmulian, a singer known on the New York jazz scene, a participant in international festivals (she will perform for the first time in Jerusalem with songs from the repertoire of Ella Fitzgerald), the famous Israeli trombonist Avi Leibovich and one of the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sander, and one of the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sander, and famous Israeli trombonist Avi Leibovich, and one of the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sander, and the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sander, and famous Israeli trombone player Avi Leibovich, and one of the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sander, and the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sander, who are the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sander, and the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sander are one of the leading Israeli saxophonists Leonid Sender. The second year in the program Jazz-Globus organ concert in the church Dormition on Zion mountain. For the first time in Israel, Vladimir Khomyakov, one of Russia's leading organists, will speak. He performs in all organ halls of Russia, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and Finland, performing academic music and participates in experimental and jazz projects, including the Jazz Archangel quartet of Rezitsky and in a number of programs with horn player Shilkloper and pianist Ganelin. The program of the concert includes music by Bach, Mussorgsky, Gubaidulina, Khomyakov’s own compositions and jazz improvisations. The electronic acoustic duo Ice Hokku (bright vocalist Julia Garnits and original guitar player Anton Dmitriev) uses synthesizers, electronic devices for transforming vocals and guitars and hands and feet to press buttons in her music. Duet music combines rock, jazz and classical elements. The special guest of the duet will be the best Israeli trumpeter Grigory Ryvkin. He is also a bandleader of the Certain Attitude quartet, which also includes Tony Panchello, a pianist from the elite of Italian jazz, who has repeatedly and successfully performed in Israel, including Jazz Globus festivals, bassist Oren Hardy and drummer Matthias Gmelin, prominent masters of Israeli and German jazz . A Certain Attitude (Definite Approach) - the name of the composition of the pianist James Williams, a favorite author Gregory Ryvkin. The program includes a modern hard bop: music by Williams, Miller, Brown and Ryvkin. The quartet released an album under the same name, successfully performed in 2017 at a festival in Germany and in the summer of 2018 at the “Jazz on the Red Sea” festival in Eilat. The quartet comes to Jazz-Globus after a European tour. The performance by Certain Attitude will be the final concert of the festival. The Jazz-Globus festival is the fruit of the joint work of the Office of Aliyah and the Absorption of the Jerusalem Municipality and the Center for the Absorption of Repatriates - art workers of the Ministry of Aliyah and the Absorption of Israel.

Svetlana Sokolov and Michael Agre

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Michael Agre – piano; Svetlana Sokolov – vocal

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Applications for participation in the festival next deadline is August 1 at the following addresses and telephone numbers: Slava Ganelin - 052-2-216896
Vladimir Mak - 052-2-634444
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